Monday, December 28, 2009

Resist! Resist! Resist!

It turns out that I am not alone. As you may recall from this previous blog posting, back in October I was fined $50 by the NYPD for taking up more than one seat on an empty train late at night. That provoked a justifiably belligerent response from me and, to date, I have not paid this fine. Inevitably this will lead to an arrest warrant similar to the one I have in Texas, but until I'm wanted in three states simultaneously, I do not plan to stop causing trouble. But back to the main point which is a story that appeared on Gawker yesterday afternoon. Citing this NY Post story, it seems the crackdown on "space hogs" is in full effect. The NYPD denies it and claims the number of citations in 2009 is only slightly higher than in 2008. Even so, the account given in the story is eerily similar to the bullshit story I got, namely the part in which, "The officer said it was a danger because people can get robbed on the subway if they fall asleep." Argh! Stupidest reasoning in the history of reason!


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