Saturday, August 6, 2011

No longer hating.

Hello, dear readers---all three of you loyal sonsofbitches. Actually, somewhat astonishingly, it's still more than just three of you even though I haven't deigned to update Boy Hates Girl since mid-May. So, as I do about twice a year, here is my modest push to get back into the blogging business and fill the dead air around these parts.

First, a bit of an update. Although Boy Hates Girl was originally formed with the intention of being a pulpit upon which I could kvetch about women---and lord knows I love to do that---it's worth noting that that idea is now a bit outdated. You see, this boy has met a girl and, most definitely, does not hate her. I mention this principally because this particular girl, although well-traveled, intelligent and cultured, has a few major blind spots when it comes to contemporary American cinema. It's a somewhat jarring experience to have your girlfriend admit to never having seen Ghostbusters or E.T. or Die Hard...not to mention the dozen or so other classics I rattled off in quick succession. But rather than seeing this as some sort of negative, I see it as more of an opportunity. And so begins "American Cinema 101," as taught by Professor Smith. Hot for teacher, anyone?

The cinematic education of my girlfriend will, hopefully, become a regular subject here...allowing me to reevaluate the classics of my youth. "Class" is already in session and thus far has been met by mixed results. I'll get into more detail about the movies at a later date, but so far the films have included Garden State, City Slickers, Minority Report, The Thing and Escape from New York. As should now be obvious, I'm using the word "classic" very loosely. A "classic" is basically any movie I've seen that she hasn't which, at the time I saw it, I thought I liked. Obviously, that leaves a lot of room for critical reconsideration. A lot.

Another segment to look for this month is "31 Movies, 31 Days." The ball and chain is overseas for a good chunk of this month and that provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on movies that need watching. Presently, it's the sixth day of August and, thus far, I've seen seven movies. So far, so good! Last time I tried something like this was November of 2008. It looks like I only made it through 19 movies that time. I'll do better this time, and definitely won't limit myself to 30 words per movie review.

Feel free to join in on the film-heavy discussions this month.



Blogger JMW said...

Wait, what?? Suddenly there are a dozen substantial posts for me to catch up on? You have a girlfriend? Up is down! Down is up! Once I reorient myself, I'm going to dig in to the movie talk....

August 12, 2011 at 5:38 PM  
Blogger Kraig Smith said...

"Substantial" is too kind. Substantial in word count, yes. In substance? Meh. But hey, people love reading movie reviews...even bad ones! Just don't start badmouthing Inception round these parts.

August 12, 2011 at 7:03 PM  

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