Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh yeah, and this one, too. (ding)

Maybe I have dated every single girl in NYC. The New York Times featured a story in today's paper about how people use Facebook to announce their relationship status---because, you know, the Times is totally at the forefront of relevant and timely social media analysis. The story prominently features a girl that I dated for about 3-4 months...a girl in whose apartment I famously vomited in five different locations one night. That was the night I learned not to mix mustard greens with whiskey, wine, vodka, tequila and chocolate stout. Hey, you never know until you try, right? Anyway, this hard-hitting piece of journalism in the Times informs me that she is now in a relationship! Congrats! Glad to see that people who date me are not irreparably harmed by the experience. Things were approaching class-action lawsuit status there for awhile.

Next week the Times will have a cover story detailing the growing interest in this newfangled communication technology called Twitter. Sounds promising.


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