Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trailer Tuesday

There are lots of things to enjoy in the newly released trailer for Tron: Legacy, the long-awaited sequel to the ahead-of-its-time original. I re-watched the original Tron (1982) in a movie theatre a few years ago and it was a decidedly mixed experience. On the one hand, there's little doubt that the visual effects and production design had held up shockingly well. Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner were sillier than I remembered, but Bridges, as arcade owner Kevin Flynn, still epitomized wise-cracking cool. He was a "real world" version of Han Solo in my eyes. Overall, however, the movie is a cheesy Disney film replete with corny dialogue and melodramatic moments. It's a must-see film for any fan of science fiction, but I'm comfortable in my assessment that Tron is not a good film, but, perhaps more significantly, an important one.

28 years later----

(cough, cough) Sorry. I actually choked on those words for a moment. As someone who owned many of the records on the Tron video game machine at Mr. Jim's Pizza in Garland, Texas in 1982, you can appreciate the momentary shock of having to explicitly face the fact it was almost THREE DECADES ago. (repeat: I am not getting old, I am not getting old, I am not getting old). Anyway, 28 years later we finally have a full preview for the sequel and it looks fantastic. It seems to have kept most of what made the original a unique entry into cinematic history while simultaneously (I hope) refining it for a contemporary audience. It looks dark and feels more adult than the original. It's also filmed in 3-D and that should provide an extra layer of sensory pleasure. Yep, I'll be seeing this opening weekend.

Tron: Legacy in HD

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