Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Night Video

Still falling down on the job with this blog, but let's slap something up here to try and regain some momentum, shall we? This week I have yet another Brooklyn-based musician to present to you, and this week he happens to be a friend of mine.

I met Josh Garrett-Davis about four years ago when he used to work in my department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now he's a freelance writer and editor and also performs (very occasionally) as a solo folk guitar musician. He's also the front-man for the Krylls, an industrial-strength metal-punk band. Watch the video below and then try to imagine him wearing a gas mask on stage while screaming out barely intelligible lyrics. It's hard to imagine, but the dude can roll hard. I much prefer his folk stylings, however, and the song below, Blue Scare, is a clever and bittersweet combination of the 1950's Joseph McCarthy Red Scare era with contemporary heartache.

I don't think Josh would take great umbrage if I say he's not the greatest guitar player, doesn't have the greatest voice, and that sometimes his lyrics can go off the rails. That said, I've seen Josh perform live about a half dozen times now and his shows are damn entertaining. He's one of the smartest people I know and his lyrics often reflect this intelligence. He's also one of the most sincere people I know, and that sincerity is on full display in Blue Scare. I love this song.

Blue Scare from michael beach nichols on Vimeo.


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