Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Video

A little over a week ago, at the same Haiti benefit concert where I had the good fortune to discover last week's Friday Night Video performer (Freelance Whales), Eugene Mirman, the very funny emcee for the evening, surprised the audience with an announcement of a very special guest...Neil Young! Out walked Young, donning his usual duds, his hat pulled down low. He grabbed a stool and started playing.

That, of course, was not Neil Young...but rather Jimmy Fallon doing a dead-on impression of what Will Smith's "The Prince of Bel Air" might sound like if Neil Young got a hold of it. Here's a second video of that performance---abbreviated, but a bit closer to the stage.

Evidently, the Neil Young character Fallon is doing these days is not a one-song gag. He's also performed a Neil Young version of "Pants on the Ground." Fallon was definitely one of the many highlights of the benefit show I attended. CLEARLY.


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