Friday, August 28, 2009

Yankee, Go Home. And then lose.

So much for a late August fade.

The Rangers came into Yankee Stadium this week, home to the team with the best record in baseball (by far), and proceeded to take two out of three games...the first home series the Yanks have lost in almost two months. Yesterday's win, fueled by outstanding relief pitching and three homers, two by the recently DL-activated Ian Kinsler and one by the recently AAA-recalled Chris "Crush" Davis, is a big one. They've now completed the most difficult part of their remaining schedule and find themselves still just 1.5 games behind Boston in the Wild Card race, and they've inched up to 4.0 games behind Anaheim in the AL West race. If only the Rangers could play as well against the lesser teams of the AL as they do against its elite, they'd have the best record in BASEBALL.

As mentioned previously, this is a newly dangerous lineup that more closely resembles the one which was expected to be an offensive juggernaut when the season began. No small part in the Rangers' two wins over the Yankees was the return of Chris Davis. Davis hit safely in all three games against the Yankees, going 4 for 12 with a walk and a 3-run HR. He did strikeout four times, which has been his bugaboo all season long (despite missing about 40 games while in the minors, he's still eighth in the AL in most strikeouts), but there are few #8 hitters who provide his kind of back-of-the-order power. And defense. Davis made several great defensive plays in the series, some routine...some exceptional. His best play began as mistake, but he quickly recovered. Follow the link below to see for yourself.

Next up for the Rangers, three road games against the Twins.


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