Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guess Who's Turning 60?

Rick Springfield!

Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, today is Rick's 60th birthday. Let me repeat that. SIXTY. Dude is fucking old, but we should all be so lucky to still be as limber at that ripe old age. I mean, really, 60?

Anyway, to celebrate his birthday, I have an extra special video for you which didn't quite make my weekly countdown. This one is priceless, however, and I've been saving it for just this occasion. Today I have Rick Springfield performing Jessie's Girl...with Mike Huckabee on bass. Yeah, that Mike Huckabee. In the pre-song banter you'll learn the story behind the song (it's exactly what you think), you'll learn that Rick used to take glass staining classes (weird), and you'll discover he's now a US citizen (an Obamacon?).

But more importantly, you'll discover how much Huckabee hates fat chicks. If he runs for President in 2012, I suggest we use this video to besmirch his name with the fat community. I don't care if he himself was once fat, he now holds those people in obvious contempt and should be held accountable! Interestingly, Huckabee's birthday is tomorrow. He'll turn 54...a full SIX YEARS YOUNGER than Rick.

This is actually a really nice acoustic version...even accounting for the broken guitar string, wretched playing by Huckabee, and the cutaways to the dullest-looking audience in history. Enjoy!


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