Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Night Video

Arguably Rick Springfield's second most famous song, Don't Talk to Strangers reached as high as #2 on the billboard charts back in 1982. It's catchy, singable...and creepy. In short, Rick is singing from the perspective of an obsessed ex-boyfriend who's having trouble letting go of the woman he still loves. Things become so bad at one point that he starts imagining this "slick continental dude" romancing his girl in French:

*fais lamour avec moi (*make love to me)
What's he saying, baby
*viens dormir, mon amour (*come to sleep my love)
I asked you not to talk to him
*je taime donne moi ton coeur ce soir (*i like you to give me your heart this night)
I'm begging you
The best part of this song, however, is the video. Hands down. There are two awesome can't-miss moments. The first is when Rick follows his ex to a restaurant on her date and strokes her leg underneath the table. The second is when, after following the lovers to a motel, he jumps through the window shattering it. These were the 80s when videos were awesome. Enjoy.


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