Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Night Video

This is obviously the day of the week I most look forward to as evidenced by a bizarre dream I had last night. The details are sketchy, but somehow I was responsible for making sure Rick Springfield got to his dinner reservation at The Borgata on time. No, really. My dad was there, too, but he kept distracting much so that I utterly fucked up this simple task and Rick was left wandering around lost and hungry. I finally located him near the slots (machines), but by the time I got him to his table, the restaurant had closed. My heart started racing and I woke up in a panicked sweat. I'd normally invite dream analysis, but I think we can just move on.

On to #8 in the countdown this week, that is. And, rather than show a concert video or something similar, I've opted for a scene from Wet Hot American Summer. Rick's song "Love is Alright Tonight" is the soundtrack for a hilarious montage of the camp counselors going into town and having fun...because when I think of Rick Springfield, I think of Janeane Garofolo and Amy Poehler tweaking. The song is an odd choice for the scene, but anytime the cast of The State uses a somewhat obscure Rick Springfield song as the centerpiece for a montage, I can't help but feel this lends Rick some sort of reverse cred. Or so I like to believe.


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