Friday, June 12, 2009

"Let me just eat frame!"

Cookie Monster.




Role Model.

Hands down he's the best Sesame Street character of all time, and the character on whom much of my adult life has been proudly based. But while Cookie Monster's unerring drive to consume cookies may be the guiding light for cookie consumers, he's far less useful to consumers of art. I hope by now you've all had the opportunity to see "Don't Eat the Pictures," the ridiculously entertaining Sesame Street special which was shot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1983. It's pretty much unmatched for its humor and educational value and it should be required viewing if not for adults, then certainly for young children. Fortunately, 26 years after it first aired, Cookie Monster has learned little.

Exhibit A:

Just watch the first minute and a half of this clip from the 1983 special. Then feel free to rewatch it (as if you'll be able to stop yourself):

Exhibit B:

A tipster of mine pointed me in the direction of this recent appearance of Cookie Monster on The Letter of the Day Game Show. Unfortunately, you need to follow the link to see it. It's not embeddable. Make sure to select the episode for "The Letter P," a really "nice letter."

From Cezanne to Picasso...he just doesn't get it. In a world of constant change, it's good to know Cookie Monster still just wants to eat the damn pictures.

"Me like it, but me no get it."


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