Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talented People Astound Me.

I admit it---I'm a sucker for stop-action music videos with a romantic bent, but you'd have to be pretty dense to not appreciate the following creation. It's actually a couple's self-designed wedding invitation. I was just planning on doing an Evite for mine. Jesus.

Update #1: The title of the Vampire Weekend song, M79, references the bus I take across the park on most days after work (or most bad weather days, anyway).

Update #2: Upon further review, I have no idea what the fuck this song is about or why it would make for a romantic song. The execution is romantic, but the lyrics...

So go, I know you would not stay
It wasn't true, but anyway

Racist dreams you should not have

No excuse to be so callous

Dress yourself in bleeding madras

Charm your way across the Khyber pass

Nothing says "marry me" like calling her a racist bitch.

Unambiguously stolen from: Andrew Sullivan


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