Friday, June 5, 2009

*** Milestone! ***

Congratulations to IP# 160.79.184---you're the 5,000th visitor to Boy Hates Girl! The milestone hit at 12:19pm today and, although I don't know who you are, I know you're from New York and I know you're a regular reader of the blog. Thank you! If you come forward and identify yourself, you will receive an official Boy Hates Girl t-shirt. Just come by my apartment in Washington Heights to rummage through my dresser for something that fits. I'll even sign it. The mock-up to the right is what an official official T-shirt would look like. We expect to roll those off the assembly line in 2011.

I started BHG on September 30, 2008, just a little over eight months ago. It's been a fun project and I appreciate all the positive feedback I've gotten from both friends and strangers. It's a struggle to keep it updated with any kind of regularity, let alone carve out and maintain some sort of unique identity, but it's a fun project and I thank my small (but loyal) audience.


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