Saturday, May 30, 2009

Breaking: The GOP Hates Romance

President Obama is in NYC tonight along with the First Lady. Why? Because it's date night, and because he promised Michelle he'd take her to a Broadway show once the campaign was finally over. Following a lovely dinner at Blue Hill in the West Village, they headed over to see "Joe Turner's Come and Gone," a play by August Wilson. Ah, nothing like dinner and a show in spring in New York, America's premiere cultural and culinary destination. Very romantic...and, apparently, according to the RNC, a perfect opportunity to lambaste the first couple.

The RNC issued a news release that chastised Obama for saying he understands American's troubles, but then hopping up to New York for "a night on the town." Noting that General Motors is expected to file for Chapter 11 protection on Monday, the news release said: "Putting on a show: Obamas wing into the city for an evening out while another iconic American company prepares for bankruptcy."

I could point out that George W. Bush spent 487 days at Camp David and 490 days at his Texas ranch during his two terms and, in fact, I will. Trying to conflate a married couple's "night on the town" with the country's economic woes is plain stupid. Is the President not allowed to maintain a relationship with his wife? I realize it costs the taxpayer's money when the President jets around on Air Force One, but isn't that just part of the whole deal of being a President? Is he supposed to go Greyhound? Besides, traveling off to New York City for such activities likely generates a lot of good will for the city which in turn translates to tourism dollars. Obama is, after all, a celebrity...and people who love celebrities like to imitate them. Isn't that right, Michael Steele? More to the point, the RNC keeps looking in all the wrong places to poke holes into Obama's armor. Their idiotic press release on this probably appeals to an extreme minority, whereas a husband keeping a promise to his wife and fanning the romantic flames of a marriage will appeal to far, FAR more people.


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