Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breaking: tangential Rick Springfield news

This just in, FOX has green-lighted the new series Human Target...a remake of the 1992 show starring, yes, Rick Springfield. The original show, based on a comic book character who assumes the identity of his clients in order to save them from whatever evil lurks in the hearts of men, lasted only seven episodes. Tisk, tisk. Taking over for Rick is Mark Valley, most recently seen on every so-so television show ever.

Check out the clip from the 1992 version below. Rick totally out kung-fu's David Carradine and then shows off his acting chops by out-intensifying everyone else. He can act, he can sing, he knows martial arts, and he's not a doctor but he's played one on TV. What else is left for him to accomplish???

And yeah. I totally saw all seven episodes.


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