Friday, May 8, 2009

The New GOP Playbook. (Introduction)

As referenced in a previous post, fellow neurotic blogger Brian Patterson and I will be periodically offering genuine and sincere advice on how the Republican party can end their downward spiral into oblivion. This was a bit more timely before Time Magazine put out their cover story today---"Endangered Species: How the Republicans Lost Their Way, and How They Can Come Back," but that just shows how relevant this issue really is. Brian can (and will) speak to his own reasons for doing so, but mine are really quite simple. While I lean heavily toward the values and principles most represented by the Democratic party, I also recognize that every policy, every belief, every idea and every value is best served when there is a legitimate opposition in place who can question and challenge their wisdom. Essentially, my "Democratic" beliefs are made more whole by the presence of a viable Republican party. The Democrats are not always right, and the Republicans are not always wrong.

In a perfect world, one without overly partisan gamesmanship, this clash of ideas would serve to create a more perfect acknowledging weakness where it exists and working to strengthen it so that it ultimately serves the greater good. That sort of political utopia will never quite come to fruition, but a lesser version, one which has existed in our government before, is not out of reach. But, sadly, we're probably as far from that state as we've ever been before due to the chaos which is, quite clearly, ruining what's left of the GOP. In truth, the Democratic party is deeply flawed and could also stand to have their playbook matter how thrilling their recent successes have been. But for now, in this emergency triage situation, I feel it's more important to help the GOP, lest we end up sticking a toe tag on them once and for all.

If you're a Republican and you find this paternalistic effort condescending, then you're likely part of the problem. Good ideas are good ideas no matter what form they take or from whose mouth they spring. Intellectual rigidity, a contradiction if ever there was one, is a cancerous way of thought which must be eradicated. Intellectual fluidity, however, is the light that can lead us through the darkness. Brian and I are going to try and help flip that switch. Yes, in the end, this is just another form of intellectual masturbation for the benefit of a tiny, disinterested audience (you know who you are), but it's either this or watch Dollhouse...and I'm finding this slightly more worthwhile at the moment.


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