Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weak from the week.

This week has been (and will continue to be) an extra-large portion of busy with a side order of hectic. There's much to catch up on, but I'm afraid most of it will have to wait until the weekend when things calm down ever so slightly. Slightly.

One item in particular that I'm looking forward to starting up is a tag team blog-venture with my friend and fellow blogger Brian Patterson. Together we have decided to save the Republican party from itself. Quite frankly, whatever schadenfreude I may feel over the continued implosion of the GOP is not worth the harsh reality...which is that American government functions best when there are two points of view (at least) that are both well represented. Plus, I can't stand to see poor Glenn Beck weep another tear. Never let it be said that liberals are cruel and indifferent to human suffering. If anything, we care too much. We care so much that we're going to reveal precisely how the GOP can restore its credibility, stop hemorrhaging members, and once again represent a legitimate opposition to the Democratic party. Together, Brian and I are rewriting Karl Rove's playbook. First step...burning Karl Rove's playbook.

But that's for later.

In the meantime, let me give another shameless plug for my short play which now has just three more performances left before it's reduced to a vague memory. Last night's show played to a full house (thank you all for coming!), but ticket sales are slow for next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday's performances. I'd be ever so grateful if you would buy a ticket for yourself, your significant other, your concubine, and anyone else with a pulse. It's a diverse group of shorts and you're likely to find something you'll like. Without being too self-congratulatory, my short seems to have been well received. I don't trust my friends' praise, but I do like it when total strangers stroke my ego. This comment was excerpted from a longer email that an audience member sent after last night's performance:

"For my money Kraig Smith produced the most polished, witty script of the evening - and he was well served because the actors and the (very busy) director succeeded in making the most of it."

Mia Moreland and Jason Grossman (below) have done fantastic work under the direction of the equally fantastic Paula D'Alessandris. Come see for yourself!


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