Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"31 Movies, 31 Days": UPDATE

I may have fallen well behind in my quest to review every movie I see for "31 Movies, 31 Days"---which, now that I think about it more closely, should probably be "31 Days, 31 Movies"---but I'm happy to report that I've not fallen behind in viewing the movies. In fact, through yesterday, I've knocked off 32 movies in 29 days. It's doubtful I'll add to that total over the next two days, but who cares? Insert "Mission Accomplished" banner here. I fully intend to finish out the rest of the reviews, so do keep coming back to check for those over the next week or two. I also hope to come up with a total "body count" for all the movies I've seen. It occurred to me, especially with the last several movies on my list, that I've seen a LOT of people get killed this month. Like a LOT. And I don't mean "a lot" like an asteroid strikes the earth "a lot", I mean like a hundred guys get knifed or shot or beheaded...individually...a LOT. In four of the last five movies I watched, the number is over 250 alone. I'm immune to violence now. Immune!


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