Friday, October 16, 2009

Something Needs My Bipartisan Support

I'm still not in much of a blogging mood, but here's a story which combines two of my favorite things---politics and gratuitous cleavage.

Those flotation devices belong to progressive Republican blogger Meghan McCain. Evidently some of her Twitter followers called her a "slut" for posting this artistic gem last Wednesday. Shame on them! Shame on them, I say. The outrage over this picture resulted in her blog post entitled "Don't Call Me A Slut." I agree. Call her an opportunist.

In either case, I'm not really criticizing Meghan. Like any 25-year-old girl or boy she says a lot of stupid things, but unlike most members of the GOP, she seems more than willing to admit her mistakes and learn from them. While I woudn't personally discourage Meghan from being anything less than true to herself, I would hate to see a fresh, open-minded voice become marginalized for relying too heavily on her obvious sex appeal. If that should happen, however...Meghan, dear, the Democratic party is a big tent party. We'll make room for you and your big...ideas.



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