Monday, July 13, 2009

The View From My Ex-Girlfriend's Window

If you're even a casual reader of Andrew Sullivan's blog then you're probably somewhat familiar with his daily feature "The View From Your Window." Once a day he posts a fairly mundane photograph that someone has taken from their window. It's a nice way to show the diversity of his reader's surroundings without going to extremes by posting only the most sensational of views. It's been a popular element to his blog over the last year and supposedly it will culminate in a book.

I hadn't been on his blog much today since Andrew just left on a two-week vacation to do a long-form article (what I like to call journalism) and his fill-ins just aren't the same. Nonetheless, I just checked it this evening to angrily confirm that his blog has not written a single post this week on the CIA story I've been interested in (confirmed---grrr) when I came across today's "View From Your Window" picture:

(Kileleshwa, Kenya, 12 pm)

I instantly recognized it as a photo taken by Dianna Long, my notorious ex-girlfriend (see name of my blog) who is currently doing a summer internship in Kenya for an organization that deals with breasts...or breast milk...or babies...helping people...some shit like that. Interestingly, when she posted this same pic to her Facebook page a week ago, I commented, "Andrew Sullivan would be proud." And he is! Or his lackey replacements are, anyway. Even if it was chosen by a sub-Sullivan, I can't fault her. It's still the single coolest thing she's ever done (aside from occupying the coveted role as my ex).

Congrats, Dianna! Now go work out all your other problems and I'll consider changing my blog's name to Boy Silently Loathes Aww, I kid the Dianna...I kid.


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