Friday, July 24, 2009

Breaking: Obama Apologizes

I'll say this much for Obama, the man is extremely self-aware and doesn't work inside a bubble (unlike certain other Presidents of recent notoriety). He's also mature enough to admit when he's made a mistake...another thing I haven't seen in the previous eight years. It's an admirable quality. Cynics will suggest he's only responding because of the criticism he's received, and that's partly true, but I think he's a little embarrassed and genuinely regrets commenting in the manner he did. His initial comments were so unlike him that it ruffled even my feathers.

But here's the problem: While I think the cop in question is probably a "good" cop in the large scheme of things, I think his actions were likely unprofessional (not racist). But because Obama went ahead and stuck his nose where it wasn't wanted or needed, at a minimum prematurely so, the officer now becomes more of a victim than a guy who probably deserves some sort of warning about his overreacting to Professor Gates. Hell, now he's getting invited to the White House for a beer! Oy.

In any event, the Obama who made a surprise appearance at the daily press briefing today is the Obama I know and love. He certainly has made the best of a bad situation.


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