Monday, July 20, 2009

Update on: Tom Watson and the British Open

I'm really glad I missed the conclusion of Tom Watson's near fairy-tale ending at this year's British Open. I ended up going to see Johnny Depp in Public Enemies, but had I been forced to witness first-hand Watson's collapse on the 18th hole and subsequent defeat in a four-hole playoff to Stewart Cink, I might very well have cried. Watson held the lead at Turnberry for almost the entire tournament. All he needed to do to win was sink an 8-foot putt on the final hole. He missed. With one stroke, the year's best sports story became its most cruel.

The dust has started to clear and the net result of the story will be a positive one, but excuse me for wanting just a bit more. And what's worse? Unless he wins next year, Tom Watson will be allowed to play in just one more British Open. Watson, at age 59, is one year away from the age limit imposed on past champions. I move to abolish this rule immediately. It's golf...not Logan's Run. With his second place finish, Watson moved up in the world rankings from 1,374th to 105th. Amazing. He also showed more dignity and class in losing than any human being could be expected to show under such heart-breaking conditions. This is, as they say, one for the ages...and the aged.


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