Monday, June 22, 2009


From the "more bad shit happening halfway across the globe you wish you didn't have to hear about" department comes this story from Time:

South Africa's Rape Crisis: 1 in 4 Men Say They've Done It

South Africans received a horrifying measure of just how bad their country's rape crisis is with the release this week of a study in which more than a quarter of men admitted to having raped, and 46% of those said that they had raped more than once.

The horrifying thing, of course, is that those are the men who admit to having committed the act of rape...many of which, according to the study, "see no problem with what they had done." With a culture that permissive to the abuse of women, it's little surprise that South Africa elected as their President earlier this year, Jacob Zuma, an unabashed polygamist, and a man who was acquitted in 2006 of raping the daughter of a family friend with the defense that, "the woman had dressed provocatively, in a traditional wrap-around kanga, and that it was against Zulu culture for a man to leave a sexually aroused woman unsatisfied."

I have not the words.


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