Friday, November 21, 2008

30 Movies in 30 Days --- the halfway point (gasp)

Yesterday, I finished the 15th movie in this epic journey of unfortunate decision-making, meaning 20 days in I'm already 5 movies behind. I sort of feel like John McCain trying to figure out the electoral math that will allow me to reach the goal of 30 movies before it turns December 1st. It's not looking good. And yet...I have confidence in myself to tackle this unwieldy beast of a task. If there's one thing I know I can do, it's sit down and keep my eyes open. I can do that shit standing on my head with my eyes closed. My October surprise is Thanksgiving. No work. No car. No problem! I'll be in Dallas for the better part of six days, and that means movies, movies, movies. I may even go for 31 movies in 30 days just to be all Fancypants McKraig. Never count me out. Or in. I'm not a joiner, really.

Some of you (many of you) have commented to me on the dearth of quality in my movie selections. Let me assure you that only half of my bad film choices are my fault. The other half is entirely the fault of Marvin the Gay Pirate®, for which I feel certain that no explanation is further asked for or required. As such, you can expect a Sex and the City movie review before this month is over. I'm pretty sure I can write my 30 words without having seen it, and I'm pretty sure it will feature the words: fashion montage, Mr. Big, tedious, chick flick, and "the death of all that is good and decent in the world."

Probably the most frustrating thing about this "project" is the self-imposed restriction of writing my reviews in exactly 30 words, a rule I've gratuitously violated on 3 of the 15 reviews thus far. That last sentence was 34 words alone (depending on how you count hyphenated words---and I've counted it both ways to suit my needs). It's an interesting limitation, but it seems to be the extreme version of word economy. Plus it prevents me from being as funny as we all know I can be. All my zingers are 31 words or more. By rule.

It's Friday night. I have pizza. I have movies. Life is good.

No it's not.


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