Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Googled and gagged.

One of the minor pleasures of running my own web site is the ability to sometimes see how my visitors found boyhatesgirl.com. Often it's through a link someone had placed on their own blog, but just as often it's from a random hit via a keyword search on Google. Some of these searches make sense as to why my blog would come up---for example, "one who hates girls, word." Sure. I can see that. The blog is named Boy Hates Girl, after all. Then, sometimes, the Google search is a little odd, but still mildly flattering---like, "symbolic story examples." Hey, what would-be writer wouldn't want to be associated with symbolic writing, right? But then it just gets weird, like "photo of Power Rangers cakes." True, I did write a blog that referenced cake baking, but linking me to the preparation of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cakes is so not cool. Finally, there's this Google search from someone in Vietnam---"torture sex boy."

(awkward thumbs up)


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