Saturday, November 15, 2008

The blind leading the blind. Leading the blind.

While strolling around the Upper West Side with my visiting sister this afternoon, I was stopped by a blind woman who was being led by a blind man. I'm not sure how she sensed my presence, but she did so without me brushing past her or me even speaking. She simple veered off to the side and stopped me with her cane...even though I was nimbly attempting to avoid her. She then proceeded to ask for directions to Gray's Papaya. Although I didn't know where one was in that area, I knew it wasn't on Columbus Avenue, so I suggested they try Amsterdam or Broadway. The thought of crossing over a few blocks, however, was daunting, so they asked for directions to the subway instead. After giving very precise directions to the subway they politely informed me they meant Subway, not the subway. Still relying on my masterful directions, I oriented them to north and south and wished them luck. Fortunately, I was mostly right about Gray's. I just checked and it's at 72nd and Broadway (we were at 72nd and Columbus), so I'm only mostly an asshole. Side note---blind people are amazing.


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