Monday, October 6, 2008

Nobody ever said I was original...

Just got this email notice from the President of CoveritLive--the software/server used for the Live Blogging. Looks like things should be much smoother for tomorrow night's debate, so please come and join.
Hello, My name is Keith McSpurren.

I am the President of CoveritLive.

We have put the necessary upgrades in place to ensure that 100% of your readers will be able to enjoy/participate in your live blogs of the upcoming Presidential debate on Tuesday and beyond.

As some of you may have noticed, as a precaution during last weeks’ Vice Presidential debate, we held back any new readers at different times so that we could ensure the tens of thousands of readers and the writers using CoveritLive could stay online without interruption. Although blunt, it appeared to do the job. Based on our information, the systemwide readership could have been higher by another 30% had we not had this limitation. Of course, that number would vary depending on when your event started and when your readers wanted to join. We hope the times we need to use this technique are few and far between.

To be clear, this was a system wide capacity notification. No one, even our largest users, has ever approached reader limitations during one of their events. The issue was primarily due to: a) the incredible interest in the debate; and, b) the thousands of new users who have begun using CoveritLive in the past three months.

We always try to keep our available capacity at 3X our previous largest day which up until that date had served us well. We will continue to do our best to stay well ahead of our usage but will keep this safeguard ready to ensure that if this type of anomaly happens again, the impact will be marginal.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any additional feedback or questions.

Special thanks to the many of you who wrote in with supportive/constructive emails over the past week.

Keith McSpurren
President, CoveritLive
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o: 416.535.7864f: 416.535.2161


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