Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Video

Just three weeks to go before Rick's concert in Atlantic City...which is also about how much time is left in the baseball season. After that, things should return to normal around here---less baseball, less Springfield, more politics, more movies. Hang in there.

This week I go with a cut off his newish album Venus in Overdrive. Released a year ago, the album reached as high as 28th on the U.S. Billboard 200, his biggest commercial success in over 23 years and a fairly impressive comeback from relative obscurity. The album was well reviewed (a 65 on Metacritic) with All-Music saying, "By letting all of his sides surface here, Springfield winds up with a satisfying album, as it gets to his sober nature without abandoning his fizzy gift." The LA Times also chimed in with, "What's surprising about "Venus," isn't its nonexistent creative detours, but how taut and tuneful Springfield's writing is in gems like "I'll Miss That Someday," "Time Stand Still" and "One Passenger," all of which move with the muscular efficiency of current radio fare."

The album isn't exactly a classic, but it's very entertaining, very listenable and, considering the man is 60-years-old, very impressive. Here's "I'll Miss That Someday," performed live in concert.


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