Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stop Watching Me Read The Watchmen---UPDATE!


It's now five times and counting that I've been interrupted about reading The Watchmen...and these last two are quite the dichotomy. Last night I was at a bar awaiting a theater performance when the bartender launched into a 15 minute lecture about it once he spied it in my arms. He was, however, obviously a well read bartender as he also talked about Cormac McCarthy and a few other books. He actually sounded like a literary critic. He also was not a Watchmen sycophant, so this encounter was mildly tolerable...except that he was so excited to talk to someone that he forgot to take my drink order for the first ten minutes or so.

The most recent encounter, however, happened on the train tonight on the way home. A homeless man/boy, probably in his mid twenties, shuffled his way up through the train asking for spare change. I kept my head down, both because I was reading and because I had no change to give. As he passed by me...

Homeless Man: "Is that what I think it is?"

Kraig: (keeps head down)

Homeless Man: "Is that The Watchmen?"

Kraig: "Yes, it is."

Homeless Man: "Did you see the movie yet? I thought it sucked. Didn't do the book justice."

And people think giving money to the homeless is only going to be used on drugs and alcohol!


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