Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, you silly Pirate, you.

The Pirate® just stopped by with his week's supply of booty. After I picked through the Museum-related DVDs and the ones featuring my boss (he was quite prolific last week thanks to Lincoln's b-day), I got to the good stuff. Or in the case of The Pirate®, the weird stuff. He usually brings new movies (Vicky Christina Barcelona last week), but the reason I love The Pirate® is because you just never know what to expect with this guy. This week's surprise...The Majestic. And not just one copy, but rather two. Because you can never have enough copies of a bad Jim Carrey film from 2001. As strange a film choice as this was, it doesn't quite eclipse his offering of Flashdance. Silly Pirate®.


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